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P08 - Regional CE Advisory Communities


Round 1 Funding (through 12/31/18)
Round 2 Funding (through 12/31/19)
Round 3 Funding (through 12/31/20)
Round 4 Funding (through 12/31/21)
Lead: Lori Benson,, Regional Advisory Project Manager
Colleges: Chaffey, Norco, Palo Verde, San Bernardino Valley, Victor Valley
Number of colleges participating: 5

Sector: Across all CTE TOPS and Sectors

  • Metrics: Enrollments, Students Who Earn a Degree or Certificate, Employed 2 Quarters After Exit, Employed 4 Quarters After Exit

Project Description: Continuing work of the initial pilot project, establish & strengthen industry partnerships on behalf of improving pathways. Ultimately, students will be better prepared to meet new emerging industry standards and employment needs. Regional advisories provide: labor market information, industry skills panels, and breakout groups. Community college and K12 faculty develop meaningful partnerships leading to on-going curriculum advisement; internship & apprenticeship opportunities; etc. Meets Perkins requirements.

Status Update

Funding Cycle: 7/1/16 - 12/31/18

Final spending as of 12/31/18

Funding Cycle: 7/1/19 - 12/31/21

More information coming soon.

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How to Get Involved

Educators + Industry Partners = STRONG WORKFORCE
EDUCATORS, please join Regional Advisory Meetings - Invite educator and industry partners; meet Perkins requirements
INDUSTRY PARTNERS, please join Regional Advisory Meetings in your area of expertise - provide new industry standards; review curriculum, etc.

Upcoming Events

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Through the Strong Workforce Program, Regional Advisory Communities are building industry/education collaboration with the following goals in mind:

  • To meet industry employment and training needs
  • To advance career pathways for student success
  • To meet Perkins grant guidelines.
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Digital Media
October 11, 2019

Healthcare, North
October 28, 2019

Healthcare, South
December 3, 2019

Advanced Manufacturing

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
March 6, 2020

Business & Entrepreneurship
March 27, 2020

Advanced Transportation & Logistics

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San Bernardino CCD
Lori Benson
San Bernardino CCD