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P06 - A.C.E (Accelerated, Career, and Employment Program)


Round 1 Funding (through 12/31/18)
Round 2 Funding (through 12/31/19)
Round 3 Funding (through 12/31/20)
Round 4 Funding (through 12/31/21)
Lead: Debra Mustain,, Norco College
Colleges: Chaffey, Mt. San Jacinto, Norco, Riverside City
Number of colleges participating: 4

Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Health, ICT/Digital Media, Small Business

  • Program TOPS Codes: Business Administration (050500), Computer Information Systems (070200), Digital Media (061400), Electrical (095220), Industrial Systems Technology And Maintenance (094500), Machining And Machine Tools (095630), Manufacturing And Industrial Technology (095600), Welding Technology (095650)
  • Metrics: Enrollments, Students Who Earn a Degree or Certificate, Employed 2 Quarters After Exit, Job Closely Related To Field Of Study, Change In Earnings, Job Closely Related to Field of Study, Change in Earnings, Attained a Living Wage

Project Description: Offer short-term, accelerated CTE programs. Participating colleges will select which of their existing programs they will offer in the accelerated format and will ensure their students receive the support and resources necessary to complete their CTE training in an accelerated format. Programs will be supported by industry partners who commit to hiring qualified graduates from the ACE programs. ACE programs may include credit, not-for credit, and contract education coursework but all will result in a certificate or industry recognized credential. Additionally, these accelerated training programs may provide training to both entry-level students and incumbent workers. Colleges will conduct coordinated regional Information Sessions to market ACE programs.

Status Update

Funding Cycle: 7/1/16 - 12/31/18

Final spending as of 12/31/18

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