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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) encompasses all rapidly emerging, evolving, and converging computer, software, networking, telecommunications, Internet, programming, information systems and digital media technologies. It is an umbrella or superset term that includes many different competing subset terminologies. ICT is a comprehensive framework for organizing these inter-related, interdependent, and rapidly changing technologies and high-tech fields and for organizing the ICT workforce, which spans across organizations of all sizes – in all industries. The ICT term and framework are widely used outside the U.S., by institutions including the United Nations, European Union, World Bank, International Telecommunications Union, and others. ICT is recognized in many global economies as a strategically important industry and employment sector that is a major driver of economic growth.


The Future of Community Colleges in Riverside County looks bright with our local Colleges offering higher education opportunities to many in the region. With their partnerships with business and industry, the future looks bright for workforce development in our county.


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Susanne Mata

Regional Industry Sector Manager
ICT/Digital Media
Hosted at San Bernardino Community College District
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