Business and Entrepreneurship


The mission of the Business and Entrepreneurship Sector is to work together with industry and education to improve and expand our business and entrepreneurial curriculum so we better deliver a job-ready workforce and entrepreneurial leaders to ensure California’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

Due to the vast area and unique diversity of the Inland Empire/Desert Region, small business development is especially vital to the area. The Business and Entrepreneurship Regional Director’s work plan entails a truly collaborative effort across the region with community colleges, school districts, local small businesses, public agencies, and the Centers of Excellence to obtain timely and accurate data related to workforce training needs of existing businesses. The Regional Director also provides professional development opportunities, increases the visibility of vocational and technical education, and economic development opportunities throughout the region.

The Regional Director’s role is to partner with regional employers, community colleges, high schools, regional occupation Centers and programs, county agencies, and additional stakeholders to align, articulate, expand, replicate, and develop curriculum related to the small business industry. This program will help ensure that educational pathways offered to students are on pace with innovative business models by assisting community colleges, faculty, and small business administrators throughout the region. To achieve these goals, the Regional Director will:

  • Coordinate with educational partners to identify gaps in existing education.
  • Collaborate with existing small businesses, and the organizations that support them, to identify training needs, and then support the development of methods to offer relevant training so that small business can grow and be successful.
  • Convene meeting, seminars, workshops, and forums for regional academics and employers to work together in developing strategies, programs, and curriculum that address the gaps and needs identified.
  • Support the regional creation of career pathways and flexible training options (credit, non-credit, certificate, and contract education formats) to meet the needs of students, employers, and incumbent workers.
  • Collect, analyze, report, and disseminate data throughout the grant program to improve access to, and the use of, relevant, regional , and timely data for decision making.

The Business and Entrepreneurship Regional Director aims to:

  • Supply in-demand skills for employers
  • Support the creation of relevant pathways and stackable credentials for students
  • Get Californians trained and into open jobs
  • Promote student success
  • Identify workforce needs related to small business employment and development




Lisa Kiplinger-Kennedy

Regional Industry Sector Manager
Business and Entrepreneurship, Inland Empire/Desert

Hosted at Barstow Community College District
2700 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311

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