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September 28, 2010

Did you know? Research shows that one of the worst things a job applicant can do is to leave an interview without asking a question. In fact, most interviewers regard a job candidate who fails to ask a question as negatively as a candidate who shows up late for the interview. While students spend countless hours rehearsing answers to questions about their job qualifications, education and work ethic, they may fail to land the job because they did not ask the right questions. If students want to differentiate themselves from other candidates, they need to ask thoughtful, open-ended questions to show the interviewer how the company will benefit from hiring them. So when the interviewer leans forward and asks, “Do you have any questions?” make sure your students are ready to respond. Today’s activity will help them analyze and compose questions to show the value they bring to a company and get them the jobs they seek.


Here’s how ...

How would you rate your last job interview?
What did you do to prepare for the interview?
While the interviewer asked you lots of questions, what did you ask the interviewer?

Suggest they form groups by connecting with 2-3 other students born in the same month or same season.
Distribute Ask Questions activity, review the instructions, and have students complete the exercise.


Add an Experience
Students learn to ask questions by asking questions. Students learn to ask good questions by asking questions and then receiving feedback on them. Ask students to take their Questions to Ask on an Interview activity sheet and ask several people the job interview questions they composed to get reactions and feedback on the questions. At the next class, find out what students learned about their questions and if and how they revised them.


Quick QuoteNo man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions. Charles P. Steinmetz, Prussian Engineer and Inventor


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